Herbo Veneta is an artisan company founded in 1989, led by the founder Mauro Breseghello, expert in herbal preparations since five generations. Every day we work through corporate ethics based on craftsmanship and quality. This allows us to follow our customers accurately, succeeding even in small customized productions and giving technical support in the formulation of new products.

We develop and produce traditional herbal products, nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics; we also have a line of accessories for tea consumption. Today, as before, we continue to work with the same familiar spirit, putting love and passion in everything we do. Values that will continue to be handed down over time.


Quality, for us, has always been the main ingredient of our products; we work the best raw materials with special care, with a process based on the wisdom of tradition, simplicity and professionalism.
Thanks to the collaboration of specialized staff, the packaging of the products is preceded by a careful verification. The manual sorting of medicinal plants represents our strength, this allows us to ensure a high quality standard.

The growth of skills in the field of quality is our constant effort; infact the target of our work is the utmost dedication in the respect of nature and traditions. For this reason, in 2007 we obtained ISO 9001 certification, which attests that the company is oriented to quality, intended as customer satisfaction and streamlining the organization, so it is synonymous with quality and reliability. Since 2018 we have also obtained the organic certification.